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Welcome to the wacky and wonderful world of Total Staff Services UK Ltd, your local recruitment agency, serving up top-notch local talent to local businesses.

Independent and Local

We're independent, which means we're not beholden to any big corporations or faceless entities - we're free to be as quirky and off the wall as you want!

We're proud of our local roots and we're dedicated to serving our community. We know the area inside out, from the best places to grab a pint to the quickest shortcuts during rush hour.

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Personalised and Efficient

Our local knowledge and connections allow us to provide personalised and efficient recruitment solutions that meet the needs of our clients and candidates.

At the same time, we're not limited by geography - we have a national reach and work with some of the biggest and most reputable companies in the country.

Helping Businesses to Thrive

We understand that finding the right talent is essential for businesses to thrive, no matter where they're located.

That's why we leverage our local expertise and combine it with our national network to connect talented individuals with their dream jobs, no matter where they are.

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Find the Perfect Job

So if you're looking for a recruitment agency that's as quirky and fun-loving as you are, look no further than Total Staff Services UK Ltd.

We're the agency that knows the local scene and the national market and we're dedicated to making sure everyone finds the perfect job.

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Lots of photographs of people